Professional Treatments for Bowel Problems | Back Pain | EAST SUSSEX.

People spend thousands of pounds a year on their car but little on themselves. Don’t put your personal health on the back seat…

colonialColonic Irrigation | Colonic Hydrotherapy | Kent | East Sussex

COLONIC IRRIGATION in KENT | Colon hydrotherapy is a simple treatment which helps with a wide range of problems including constipation, diarrhea, I.B.S, bloating, hemorrhoids, gas,candida, head aches, toxins & more.

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sports massageBack Pain | Sports Massage | Kent | East Sussex

BACK PAIN in KENT | Sports massage therapy or deep tissue manipulation massage is very good for reducing tension in the muscles, by releasing muscle spasms and scar tissue.

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mixing herbalMixed Herb Enemas

Mixed herb enemas can be helpful to clear the lower bowel. Results can include less bloating, regulated opening of the bowel, and improved energy levels.

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massageLymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic massage helps with oedema or swelling from injuries and operations as well as recovery from colds and flu. The lymphatic system is also known as the second circulatory system.

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Light_Green_Eye-1What is Iridology?

Iridology is study of the iris, by looking at the fibres, colour of the iris u can determine the persons constitution, which is any genetic inherited potential strengths and weakness in the body.

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